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     "We are assembled to pay homage to men we knew and admired...God loved them or they would not have been born.  God called them when they were most prepared to go.  Do not let their names become empty memories.  Recall to mind all their good points, the many things we admired in them.  Imitate them.  In that way their lives will be perpetuated among us.  Our monument to them will not be of bronze or marble, but the living monument of all the good we saw in them."

Lieutenant Vincent Robert Copodanno,
Navy Chaplain Corps
Vietnam 1966-1967

Medal of Honor Recipient (Posthumous)

Source:  "The Grunt Padre" by Father Daniel L. Mode

Marine Corps
Air Force
Coast Guard
Total Military Deaths Military
Total 38,224* 14,841** 2,586 2,561 7 58,219*** 1,784
Massachusetts 718* 474** 61 82 0 1,335 40
Western Mass 123 53 9 15 0 200 6

* Official statistics are one death higher in number than those single-asterisked above.  The reason is that a soldier from eastern Massachusetts was counted twice among the official Army deaths.  His name appears correctly spelled as Robert J. Hain on both the Wall and in official casualty records, and it appears incorrectly spelled as Robert J. Main on both the Wall and in official casualty records, but there is only one death and it is Hain's.

** Official statistics are one death higher in number than those double- asterisked above.  The reason is that a civilian from eastern Massachusetts, who is still alive, is counted among the official Marine Corps deaths.

*** The official number of total casualties, as reported by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and others, is 58,256 as of June 3, 2007.  It represents the total number of inscriptions on the Wall, not deaths.  Our total, at 58,219, represents those who actually died.   The reason for this discrepancy of 37 names is partially explained by the two footnotes above, but also because 35 names belong to individuals who were known to survive the war. 



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