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Springfield 50 is a research and biographical record project that began on June 11, 2000.  The project mission was simple:  

  • expand the body of knowledge relating to the mortal casualties of the Vietnam War whose home of record was Springfield, Massachusetts

  • establish or reestablish awareness of who these men were and what they did while they walked among us

Biographical information can be viewed by clicking on Springfield's Fallen 50.  Servicemen's names are arranged alphabetically, and each name is a "hyperlink."  Click a hyperlink with your mouse to explore what's beneath it.

On January 29, 2004, the project expanded its research to include the mortal casualties from all of western Massachusetts.  The listings, with unit information, are organized by county.  They include:  Hampden County, Hampshire County, Franklin County, Berkshire County, and those towns in the western part of Worcester County that are north, south and west of the Town of Rutland.

We are occasionally asked if financial contributions may be made in support of the project and this virtual memorial.  We appreciate the thought, but do not accept this kind of contribution.  We do, however, accept documentary contributions.  First-hand accounts of family, friends and comrades, military award citations, photographs, letters and newspaper articles/obituaries are examples of relevant contributions.  Letters written by the deceased veteran are extremely helpful, as they tend to convey his feelings and detail his individual and sometimes unique experiences.  

Special contributors include Bruce Swander, Ken Davis and Richard Coffelt.

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