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The following letter was sent upon the death of PFC Theodore S. Griffin.

1st Battalion, 26th Marines
3d Marine Division (Rein), FMF
FPO San Francisco, California 96602

                                                                                               18 June 1968

My Dear Mrs. Griffin,

The untimely death of your son, Private First Class Theodore S. Griffin, U. S. Marine Corps on 15 June 1968 near DaNang, South Vietnam, is a source of great sorrow to myself as well as his many friends here in the company.  Please accept our deepest sympathy in your bereavement.

Theodore, as you know, was a rifleman with our third platoon.  On the afternoon of 15 June 1968, the battalion was conducting a search and destroy mission south of DaNang.  Our company came upon concealed enemy positions and began receiving heavy fire from enemy mortars and automatic weapons.  The company engaged the enemy and at approximately 5:00 p.m. a mortar round exploded near Theodore and he was killed instantly.

I hope that you may find some comfort in the knowledge that Theodore received the last rites of his faith by Lieutenant Commander R. P. Beck, U. S. Navy Chaplain Corps and that a Mass will be said in memory of Theodore when the tactical situation permits.

I realize that there is little which may be said or done to alleviate your feelings, but I hope that you will find some comfort in the knowledge that Theodore's thoughtfulness and dependability were both the mark of a fine Marine and a direct reflection of your influence in his life.  I hope that you may be further comforted in the knowledge that Theodore gave his life in the pursuit of freedom for an oppressed people and in support of his country and his fellow Marines.

If you feel that I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to write me.

                                                         Sincerely yours,

                                                         RAY G. SNYDER
                                               Captain, U. S. Marine Corps

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