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Hau Nghia Province 

Advisory Team 43 had advisory responsibility for Hau Nghia Province, located in the III Corps Tactical Zone of South Vietnam.  Their Province Headquarters was located at Bao Trai, formerly known as Khiem Cuong, and their District Headquarters were located at Cu Chi, Trang Bang, Duc Hoa and Duc Hue.  Bao Trai was located in south central Hau Nghia.  Relative to Bao Trai, Duc Hoa was located to the southeast, Trang Bang to the north, Cu Chi to the northeast, and Duc Hue to the west northwest on the Vam Co Dong (also known as the Oriental River).  The Duc Hue District Headquarters was housed in an old, inactive sugar mill thought to be once owned by Mrs. Diem.  Mrs. Diem's husband, Ngo Dinh, was President the Republic of Vietnam from 1955 until his assassination in November 1963.  The village of Duc Hue, located across the river from District Headquarters, was situated east of Parrot's Beak on the Cambodian border.  Advisory Team 43 received its tactical support–artillery, air support, transportation, medical–from the 25th Infantry Division, whose headquarters was located at Cu Chi. 


Hau Nghia was bordered by Kien Tuong Province and Cambodia on the west, by Tay Ninh and Binh Duong provinces on the north, by Gia Dinh Province on the east, and by Long An Province on the south.  A hotbed of Communist activity since the 1930s, Hau Nghia supplied much of its rice to nearby Viet Cong troops.  Enemy supply routes from Cambodia also cut through the province.  A few years earlier, in 1967, Hau Nghia had been one of the least secure provinces in South Vietnam.

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