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Timothy Francis Murphy Jr.

Personal Data:

    Birth Date:  May 7, 1947

    Birth Place:  Springfield, Massachusetts

    Race:  Caucasian

    Religion:  Roman Catholic

    U.S. Citizen:  Yes

    Father's Name:  Timothy F. Murphy

    Mother's Name:  Ruth C. (Avery) Murphy

    Sibling Names:   

    Marital Status:  Single

    Wife's Name:   

    Offspring Names:   


    School Attended:  Armory Street School, Springfield, Massachusetts

    School Start Date:  September 3, 1952

    School Attended:  Van Sickle Junior High School, Springfield, Massachusetts

    School Start Date:  September 9, 1959

    School Attended:  Classical High School, Springfield, Massachusetts

    School Start Date:  September 5, 1962

    High School Diploma:  Yes

    Diploma Year:  1965

Selective Service Data:

    SSS Local Board Number:  78

    SSS Local Board Location:  Springfield, Massachusetts

    SSS Registration Date:  May 21, 1965  

    SSS Registrant Description:  5' 8"/135 pounds/brown hair/green eyes

Military Service Record:

    Entry Date:  September 15, 1969

    Entry Mode:  Enlistment

    Entry Location:  Fort Bliss, Texas

    Home Of Record:  Springfield, Massachusetts

    Military Branch:  Army

    Military Component:  Reserve

    Rank:  First Lieutenant

    Rank Abbrev:  1LT

    Pay Grade:  O2

    MOS:  1174

    MOS Title:  Light Air Defense Artillery Unit Commander

    MOS Background:   

The title commander does not mean that LT Murphy was in fact the unit commander, but that he was an officer qualified for a  leadership position in that type unit and he could have been a unit commander.

    Awards Received:   

Army Commendation Medal; Good Conduct Medal; National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal; Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

    Badges Earned:  Expert Badge with Rifle and Auto Rifle Bars

    Length Of Service:  1 year

Southeast Asia Tour Data:

    Date Tour Commenced:  August 22, 1970

    Division:  1st Field Force

    Regiment:  60th Artillery, 41st Artillery Group,

    Battalion:  4th Battalion

    Company:  Battery D

    Base Location:  An Khe

    Vehicle/Equipment Type:  40mm M42 dual "Duster" antiaircraft gun

    Army Campaign Number:  14th

    Army Campaign Name:  Counteroffensive, Phase VII

Casualty Data:

    Casualty Date:  October 31, 1970

    Casualty Time:  0945

    Casualty Age:  23

    Casualty Data 1:  Non-Hostile

    Casualty Data 2:  Ground Casualty

    Casualty Data 3:  Drowned, Suffocated

    Casualty Province:  Binh Dinh Province

    Casualty Country:  South Vietnam

    Casualty Grid Coordinates:  BR 973 346

    Body:  Recovered

    Casualty Situation:  2-1/2 ton truck rolled and overturned in stream

Two men drowned:

   1LT Timothy Murphy   D Btry, 4/60 Arty, 41st Arty Grp, IFF

   CPT James Laird         79th Trans Co, 14th Trans Bn, 34th Trans Grp

Four men killed due to the vehicle accident:
    SP4 Doug Ehlers    D Btry, 4/60 Arty, 41st Arty Grp, IFF

    SP4 Richard Facer     D Btry, 4/60 Arty, 41st Arty Grp, IFF

    SP4 Robert Linville    D Btry, 4/60 Arty, 41st Arty Grp, IFF

    PFC Paul Sarianni      D Btry, 4/60 Arty, 41st Arty Grp, IFF


    Burial Location:  St. Michael's Cemetery, Springfield, Massachusetts

    Burial Plot Location: 

    Burial Date:  November 14, 1970

   Consigned Funeral Home:  Sampson Funeral Home, Springfield, Massachusetts  

    Escort Name:  1LT Robert G. Helper, USA

    Springfield 50 Casualty Order:  47th

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Panel Number:  06W

                                                    Line Number:  32

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