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Gordon Vaughan

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Personal Data:

    Birth Date:  March 8, 1952

    Birth Place:  Mobile, Alabama   

    Race:  Caucasian

    Religion:  Roman Catholic

    U.S. Citizen:  Yes

    Father's Name:  Charles G. Vaughan

        US Army Air Forces
        SSGT US Air Force
        WWI Korea Vietnam    
        November 23, 1924 - June 25, 2003

    Mother's Name:  Odelia Rita (Cote) Vaughan 

        October 10, 1929 - November 29, 1997

    Sibling Names:   

Brenda (Vaughan) (Carlin) DiLuzio; Mary (Vaughan) McIntire; Joseph Vaughan; Edward Vaughan; Rose (Vaughan) Papineau; John Vaughan; Linda (Vaughan) Whalen  

    Marital Status:  Single


    School Attended:  Margaret C. Ells School, Springfield, Massachusetts

    School Start Date:  February 12, 1962

    School Attended:  Indian Orchard Elementary School, Springfield, Massachusetts

    School Start Date:  September 4, 1963

    School Attended:  Buckingham Junior High School, Springfield, Massachusetts

    School Start Date:  September 9, 1964

    School Attended:  Van Sickle Junior High School, Springfield, Massachusetts

    School Start Date: February 3, 1966  

    School Attended:  High School of Commerce, Springfield, Massachusetts

    School Start Date:  September 6, 1967 (disenrolled February 16, 1968)

     School Attended:  Technical High School, Springfield, Massachusetts

    School Start Date:  May 1968 [disenrolled November 1968]

    High School Diploma:  No

Selective Service Data:

    SSS Local Board Number:   

    SSS Local Board Location: 

    SSS Registration Date:   

    SSS Registrant Description: 

Military Service Record:

    Entry Date:   

    Entry Mode:  Enlistment

    Entry Location:  Springfield, Massachusetts

    Home Of Record:  Springfield, Massachusetts

    Military Branch:  Marine Corps

    Military Component:  Regular

    Rank:  Lance Corporal

    Rank Abbrev:  LCPL

    Pay Grade:  E3

    MOS:  1371

    MOS Title:  Combat Engineer

    Awards Received:   

National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal with one Bronze Service Star; Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

    Length Of Service:  1 year

Southeast Asia Tour Data:

    Date Tour Commenced:  June 20, 1970

    Division:  Fleet Marine Force, Pacific

    Regiment:  7th Engineering Battalion

    Battalion:  Maintenance Battalion

    Company:  Company A (Reinforced)

    Army Campaign Number:  13th

    Army Campaign Name:  Sanctuary Counteroffensive

Casualty Data:

    Casualty Date:  January 21, 1971

    Casualty Time:  1410

    Casualty Age:  18

    Casualty Data 1:  Non-Hostile

    Casualty Data 2:  Ground Casualty

    Casualty Data 3:  Drowned, Suffocated - Vaughan Witness Statement

    Casualty Province:  Quang Nam Province

    Casualty Country:  South Vietnam

    Located In Or Near:  Camp Haskins, North Red Beach area

    Body:  Recovered


    Burial Location:   

        St. Michael's Cemetery, Springfield, Massachusetts, then re-interred in Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Springfield, Massachusetts


    Burial Plot Location:  A Row 101 #3

    Burial Date:  February 1, 1971

    Consigned Funeral Home:  Byron Funeral Home, Springfield, Massachusetts

    Escort Name:  LCPL Michael Ferrieira, USMC

    Springfield 50 Casualty Order:  48th

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Panel Number:  05W

                                                    Line Number:  60

(Special thanks to Mary (Vaughan) McIntire, who would love to hear from anyone who knew Ronnie.  Please email her at

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