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Wareís Fallen from the Vietnam War


Personal Data:

Birth Date:  August 21, 1942

Birth Place: Ware, Massachusetts

Race:  Caucasian

Religion:  Roman Catholic

U.S. Citizen:  Yes

Fatherís Name:  Elphege E. Provencal

Motherís Name:  Rita E. (unknown) Provencal

Sibling Names:

Marital Status:  Single

Wifeís Name:

Offspring Names:


Schools Attended:

High School Diploma:

Selective Service Data:

SSS Local Board Number: LB#15

SSS Local Board Location:  Northampton, Massachusetts

SSS Registration Date:

SSS Registrant Description:

Military Service Record:

Entry Date:  August 30, 1965

Entry Mode:  Enlistment

Entry Location:  Springfield, Massachusetts

Home of Record:  Ware, Massachusetts

Service Branch:  Army                                 

Service Component:  Regular                      

Rank:  Private First Class

Rank Abbrev:  PFC   

Pay Grade:  E3         

MOS:  91A10             

MOS Title:

MOS Background:

Awards Received:  

Badges Earned:

Posthumous Promotion: 

Length of Service:  Under 2 years

Southeast Asia Tour Data:

Date Tour Commenced: February 6, 1966

Major Command:  1st Cavalry Division         

Land Assignment:

Regiment:  5th Cavalry

Battalion:  1st Battalion                          

Company:  Headquarters & Headquarters Company

Casualty Data:

Casualty Date:  May 29, 1966

Casualty Time:

Casualty Age:  23

Casualty Data 1: Hostile, Died of Wounds

DD Form 1300 states that PVC Provencal died on 29 May 1966 in Vietnam as the result of a metal fragment wound to the head received from a friendly forces short artillery round.  Death is the result of hostile action.

Note that the casualty date is the not the date of injury, but the date of death.  Sources indicate that 1st Battalion 5th Cavalry was engaged in Operation CRAZY HORSE at the time, but the 1st Brigade 1st Cavalry After-Action Report (TTU document 1070802002a.pdf) makes no mention of a short round on 1st Battalion 5th Cavalry during the period 25-29 May inclusive.  A, B, and C Companies of 1st Battalion were operating around LZ BUSIL and LZ JOE in the Vinh Thanh Valley area during that period; there's no mention of what D Company was doing.   PFC Provencal was a medic, and it is not clear which line company he was with at the time of his death.  

Casualty Data 2:  Misadventure                    

Casualty Data 3:  Ground Casualty               

Casualty Province:  Province & Military Region Unknown

Casualty Country:  South Vietnam               

Located In Or Near:

Body Recovered:  Yes  


Burial Location:

Burial Plot Location:

Burial Date:

Consigned Funeral Home:

Military Escort Name:

Wareís Fallen Casualty Order:  1st 

Vietnam Veterans Memorial:

Panel Number:  07E

        Line Number:  121 


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